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Sonic repelling device
    Super Bird-XPeller Pro
    BirdXPeller Pro
    Goose Buster
    CritterBlaster Pro
    WoodPecker Pro
Ultrasonic/Sonic comb units
    BroadBand Pro
    BillBoard Pro
Ultrasonic (Silent) devices
   Super Quadblaster Bird & bat
   Quadblaster Bird & Bat
   Ultrason- X for birds

GooseBuster  Two units will cover up to 21 acres
Repells: Geese, ducks, mallards. Proven effective in university-conducted field studies. Published results, "Efficacy of Recorded Alarm and Alert Calls to repel geese infestation problems.
GB-110 GooseBuster 110vAC unit $ 850.00 
GB-12 Goosebuster 12vDC accessory kit includes DC battery cables with clips and DC powered timer  $99.95
Solpan Solar power panel to recharge 12v battery (battery not included) 159.95 each

Geese number in the MILLIONS (increasing at 30% a year) and leave:

at least a pound of droppings per day per goose!

CONTAMINATION from increased fecal coliform levels in ponds 

RAVAGED grass and property 

MONEY WASTED cleaning, reseeding, resodding , and repairing 

Canada geese, mallards, all other ducks and geese. Also can be used against coots, gulls, heron, egrets, and cormorants. 

HOW TO CONTROL PROBLEM GEESE with GooseBuster Sonic Repeller?

Actual alert and alarm calls recorded in the wild. GooseBuster is the first and only geese control repeller to use actual alert and alarm calls of Canada geese, recorded under natural conditions. Geese recognize these calls and respond instinctively ( to 'alert' calls indicating uneasiness about potential danger and 'alarm' calls signifying immediate danger). Reacting to either, pest evacuate instantly, without waiting to identify the source.

Different calls in random combinations. GooseBuster geese control broadcasts its calls in random combinations. Calls differ in frequency, duration and intervals. Sound combinations, sequences and speaker selection change randomly, leading geese to perceive many birds many locations.

23 years of research. GooseBuster is the tangible result of 23 years of research conducted by Dr. Philip Whitford, Professor of Biology at Capital University. Since 1979, Dr. Whitford has been studying Canada goose behavior and vocal communications, then presenting and publishing his findings. He holds a PhD in biological sciences in the field of animal behavior, and BS and MS degrees in wildlife management. On request, Dr. Whitford is available for consultation; please inquire.

INCREMENTAL HELP FROM NATURE. New arrivals leave abruptly in a panic, encouraging original residents to leave as well. GooseBuster causes other birds to exhibit their alarm calls, giving geese a greater sense of danger

TIMER - program sounds to coincide with arrival of geese 
PROGRAMMABLE - choose interval between calls SPEAKER SEQUENCING - imitates natural
patterns of
1) a moving goose, looking around at
disturbances; and
2) several agitated geese
RANDOM PLAY - sounds are always changing, preventing acclimation.

LONG TERM SOLUTION. Geese are stubborn and territorial, and return to the same place year after year. But GooseBuster geese control repeller uses this memory against them - once scared away repeatedly, they rarely return.

One unit: up to 7 acres. 

EXTRA COVERAGE: Two units: 15-21 acres. Field tests show that a second unit increases coverage dramatically. This additive effect more than doubles the coverage (in fact it increases up to three times) reducing the per-acre cost significantly.



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