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Things to consider before installing bird repelling devices

Overview of bird devices

Products by bird types

Visual Scare Devices
    Terror-Eyes Bird Repeller
    GatorGuard for water fowl
    Irri-Tape bird deterrent
    Prowler Owl repels pigeons
    Bird-Lite strobe
    Coyote Replica
    Fox Replica 
Mechanical roost inhibitors
    Stainless steel spikes
    Polycarbonate spikes
    Bird nets
Liquid Roost inhibitors
    Gel roost inhibitor
    Spray roost inhibitor 
Sonic repelling device
    Super Bird-XPeller Pro
    BirdXPeller Pro
    Goose Buster
    CritterBlaster Pro
    WoodPecker Pro
Ultrasonic/Sonic comb units
    BroadBand Pro
    BillBoard Pro
Ultrasonic (Silent) devices
   Super Quadblaster Bird & bat
   Quadblaster Bird & Bat
   Ultrason- X for birds


Ultrasonic/Sonic combination units

These combination Ultrasonic/Sonic device work very well.  They provide the distress language and the very irritating harassment sounds in the same unit.  The surround sound technique really spooks the birds.  

The birds will hear the chilling cry of a hawk attacking it's prey out of one speaker.  Then out of another speaker they will hear in the voice of one of their own species saying "Holly cow I just heard a hawk attacking somebody,  we better get out of hear".  Then out of another speaker "Wow, I hear it too--> we better hurry.  Then another speaker will blast them with a very loud ultrasonic sound warble of various frequency and intensity but  (Silent to humans).

All bird repelling device work better when used with the visual scare devices like the Terror-Eyes   irri-tape or the  Prowler Owl.


BroadBand PRO Ultrasonic/Sonic Bird Repeller 
Control bird pests in the most stubborn situations with a programmable ultrasonic and sonic bird repeller Unique combination of harassments creates a menacing environment that scares bird pests away for good!



BillBoard Pro Ultrasonic/Sonic Bird Repeller 
Ultrasonic/Sonic bird repeller, BillBoardPro repels pest birds with an unrelenting combination of species-specific distress cries, predators, general harassments, and newest-technology ultrasonic waves!

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     Cat repellers
     Dog repellers
     Gopher repellers
     Mole repellers
     Wildlife repellers
     Rat repellers
     Mice repellers
     Mosquito Trap
     Fly repellers

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Barking dogs    Bats   Birds  Cats   Cockroaches  Flies   Gophers   Moles    Mice    Mosquitoes   Pet odors   Rats   Stray dogs     Wild life  

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